A new village in Shishi Origins III!

March 11, 2016

A first article for the English-speaking people who are following the development of Shishi Origins III! This one’s subject is the new village that we just created. Surrounded by mountains and forests, this village was originally an outpost of the Kingdom. After the last war, people began to build houses in the area and it is now an important place for travellers, who stop by the Inn to rest before continuing their route.

This village is also important in the game’s story because there we will meet a new character that will help our heroes in their quest. Speaking of new characters, we will reveal a new one on St-Patrick’s day next week. We also gave story details about the Kingdom’s enemies (we will give their official group’s name later).


Since their master got injured in his last battle, these three knights were sent by him to steal the Powers of the Gods, which includes those of the Goddess of Time and the God of Space, in order to rule the world. With those powers, they will be able to awaken a much powerful energy that can destroy the world with evil intentions. Each one of these knights have unique abilities coming from the soul of a sacred beast, respectively the Shark, the Tyrannosaurus and the Basilisk.

That’s all for the moment, but we will continue to add new content in Shishi Origins III! You can leave a comment below or contact us on Facebook and Twitter if you have a question or anything you want to tell us about the game.

Shishi Origins III

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