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ComicCon 2016 and Steam Greenlight

July 15, 2016

Hey everyone, it’s been more than a month since our latest article. We were working hard on Shishi Origins III during that time while preparing for Montreal ComicCon 2016. If you followed us on our social media pages, we posted info and screenshots about the development as regularly as possible. Speaking of the ComicCon, this year, it was quite a success because so many people played it and liked it. Then, after that really big weekend, we got a surprise when logging in to Steam, Shishi Origins III was greenlit!

Montreal ComicCon 2016

This year, the Montreal ComicCon was really useful for us. At the beginning, we were supposed to be there for the three days, but we got some technical problems that prevented us to be there on Friday. We were also supposed to present at the Creators Night, an event hosted by Multijoueur, but since it was on the same day, we couldn’t for the same reasons. The next day, Saturday, we were ready to go, so we went to the ComicCon, mounted our booth and everything was set up so we could show Shishi Origins III.

ComicCon 2016 Thumbnail

That first day was really good, so much people went to our booth that we couldn’t take a break during the day. Tons of people played the game and most of them liked it. We also got a majority of positive feedback, coming from people who really love RPG games like Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross, Dragon Quest to only name those. Unlike last time, we were with all other indie developers, in Multijoueur’s Indie Zone, so our audience was mostly composed of people who like to play video games. We also had the chance of being next to the booth of “L’Orchestre de jeux vidéo”, which had a bluetooth speaker playing epic music from classics like Final Fantasy, Zelda and Megaman. Those two first ones really helped us because they are inspiration for our game.

The booth

At our booth, we had a computer with a playable demo of Shishi Origins III. Next to it, there was an iPad to subscribe to our newsletter. We also had flyers about the game and some we got from Gamer’s Giveaway. Gamer’s Giveaway were doing a rally for participating at a giveaway at the end of the ComicCon. For the rally, people were going to each developer’s booth and had to do a test. If they succeded the test, we had to stamp their rally card. When they got six stamps, they got an entry for the giveaway.

ComicCon Booth 2016

Our test was to beat the demo’s boss, a giant Slime, a quite difficult enemy if not prepared enough. The player was able to see two main aspects of the game, the exploration and the battles. People liked the game’s environment and visual style, which are mostly inspired by The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. They also liked our game enemies with a funny style. We even got covered by Girls On Games, a video game blog based in Montreal.

Check out @ShiCompany‘s Shishi Origins III, an rpg with a style inspired by Wind Waker! @Mtlcomiccon #MtlComicCon

— Girls on Games (@TheGirlsOnGames) 9 juillet 2016

In the demo, they were able to fight Onions and Slimes, including the boss, the Giant Slime. When someone won against it, we were also giving him an information flyer of the game and an Elia sticker. People really liked that sticker because, you know, Elia is just too cute!

During Sunday

On Sunday, we really got less visitors because there was way less people than Saturday. In some way, it is good because we had a chance to look at the other booths. Some of the owners of those even went to visit ours later to see our game. Then, after that more calm day, it was all over. We took a picture with everyone from the indie zone and Multijoueur’s staff before saying goodbye.

Surprise on Steam Greenlight

After the ComicCon, at the beginning of the week, we got a surprise when logging in to Steam. Our game, Shishi Origins III, was greenlit! For now, it doesn’t really mean anything because the game isn’t done, but later it will. At least, now we know that we’ll be able to distribute the game when it is done.

That’s all for now. We’ll be taking some vacation so there won’t be too much info about the game for a moment. After that break, we will focus on new environments, enemies and characters. Thank you to everyone who helped us or visited us at Montreal ComicCon!

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