Accessibility for all

Shishi Studios gives itself as mission to create games accessible for everyone, while keeping an attractive gameplay. For these reasons, in the game Shishi : Ballad of the Oracle, technologies and options have been designed to answer back the needs of a greater audience.

After a lot of research, the team chose different methods to have a best playability for people with disabilities. Game controls and options were thought to optimize the gaming experience for all gamers.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller is a must have device when it comes to accessibility.
Xbox Adaptive Controller (Source : Microsoft)

Players will be able to use the Xbox Adaptive controller from Microsoft. Its atypical design is thoughtful for the addition of other accessories to complete it according to user’s disability. This innovative device inspired a lot the game’s design to propose many options for a better comfort.

The customization of controls will be easy to access and will include the possibility to play with a single hand. Additionally, color blind peoples have not been forgotten because a part of settings will allow them to modify colors to limit constraints of their visual impairment.

Some accessibility options are already available in the demo
Some accessibility options are already available in the demo

Shishi Studios invite all players to discover the universe of Shishi : Ballad of the Oracle, a game accessible for everyone. Come defend the kingdom!