We are Shishi Studios!

Shishi Studios is an indie game studio based in Montreal, Canada. We want to make a difference by creating games that are accessible to everyone, by innovating ambitious games and by experimenting new visual styles and new genres.

Shishi : Timeless Prelude

We released Shishi : Timeless Prelude, a colorful dungeon role-playing game. As Elia, a young mage, you will explore the depths of a sacred sanctuary to complete your training to become an Oracle.

Shishi : Ballad of the Oracle

We are currently working on Shishi : Ballad of the Oracle, a single-player adventure role-playing game where an Oracle named Elia must develop her self-confidence to awaken the power that lies dormant in her. A free demo is available on Steam.

Explore dungeons full of secrets, Fight enemies in turn-based battles and Solve puzzles as you travel between dimensions in a colorful universe inspired by fairy tales. It’s finally time to go on an adventure!


Canada media fund, funded concept in 2020
Ubisoft Indie Series, 2021 edition finalist
Indie Arena Booth 2020, studio featured in the Ubisoft Entrepreneurs space



Designer / Programmer


2D/3D Artist


Sound Designer / Composer


3D Animator