Getting started in Shishi : Timeless Prelude

In Shishi : Timeless Prelude, you will explore a sacred sanctuary to complete your training to become an Oracle. As it is a roguelike, you must be careful because you will have to start again every time you fail. Here are some tips to help you in your training.

Find useful items

During your exploration, you will often find items and collectibles that will be useful for your progress. Some can be bought in the shops and some will be found in chests and pots.

Potion : Restores 4 hearts.

Ether : Restores 8 mana.

Learn new spells

Most characters will start with a spell in each run. Every floor also have a spell room, where you will find a random spell.

Sphere : Basic non-elemental spell that lowers the target’s magic defense.

Fire : Throws a fireball to the target.

Lightning : Throws a spark that shocks the target.

Ice : Throws an icicle to the target and lowers its speed.

Upgrade your character

As you progress in the dungeon, you will also find items such as Heart Containers and Mana Containers to upgrade your character’s stats. They will increase your maximum health and mana.

Let us know if you have other tips!

Have fun!