Shishi Studios
Montreal, Canada

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Game Description

Mercury is a puzzle game about hacking. A programmer named Lucy, aka Mercury, has just been hired at Nexus, the largest multinational corporation in the world. Her task will be to program new security systems for the company. However, as she has barely started her new job, she already discovers a major flaw giving her access to the multinational’s secrets…


Dig through confidential files
The character will have to access confidential files to discover more about the company’s activities.

Avoid getting caught
As you learn more about the dark secrets of Nexus, the company will increase the level of security and try to stop you at all costs.

Hack smart devices
To bypass the company’s security systems, you will have to hack various smart devices, such as audio speakers and smart toasters.



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About Shishi Studios

Shishi Studios is an indie game studio based in Montreal, Canada. We want to make a difference by creating games that are accessible to everyone, by innovating ambitious games and by experimenting new visual styles and new genres.

The Team

Frederic McNamara
Game Designer, Programmer

Sharon Ribeiro
Game Designer

Sam Mongeau
Composer/Sound Designer