Shishi : Ballad of the Oracle


Shishi Studios
Montreal, Canada

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Game Description

Shishi : Ballad of the Oracle is a single-player open world adventure role-playing game where an Oracle named Elia must develop her self-confidence to awaken the power that sleeps in her.

Explore dungeons full of secrets, Fight enemies in action battles and Solve puzzles as you travel between dimensions in a colorful universe inspired by fairy tales. It’s finally time to go on an adventure!

Long ago, the kingdom was attacked by a nameless creature seeking to seize a mysterious power that was protected there. It was then that the Oracle appeared and sealed the creature.

Centuries have passed and it is now the turn of a young mage named Elia to protect the world. She will have to go to temples and learn to master Empathy, Determination, Passion and Wisdom.


In development since 2019, Ballad of the Oracle was intended to be the studio’s first game. However, the game quickly grew too big for the resources available. After releasing the proof-of-concept demo on November 12, 2020, development was put on hold and the team began working on other projects.


  • A Ballad to Save the World: Embark on a quest to find the fragments of a legendary melody!
  • Explore the world through alternate realities: The character can switch between alternate dimensions as she wishes!
  • Sing to Progress: Elia has a talent for singing, so she can sing to fight and solve puzzles!
  • Discover a magical universe: The game immerses the player in a colorful world filled with cute creatures and endearing characters, all in a universe with Irish colors and sounds!
  • A song unique to each player: The final song is composed according to the player’s choices and progression, so everyone will hear a different song!



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About Shishi Studios

Shishi Studios is an indie game studio based in Montreal, Canada. We want to make a difference by creating games that are accessible to everyone, by innovating ambitious games and by experimenting new visual styles and new genres.

The Team

Frederic McNamara
CEO, Game Designer

Maude Martin-Carrier
2D/3D Artist

Sam Mongeau
Composer/Sound Designer

Emilie Dubois-Perras
3D Animator

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