Shishi Studios
Montreal, Canada

Founding date:

November 6th, 2017


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Shishi Origins III

Upcoming game: Shishi Origins III


Release Date : 2018


Game Description

Our next game, Shishi Origins III, is a turn-based RPG set in a Medieval world with Steampunk elements. The story is about an Oracle, a powerful mage sent by the Goddess, that will have the task to protect the world from an evil group who want to steal the powers of the gods to rule the world.


  • A Battle System made of turn-based and real-time elements. You can also use special attacks or even transforming your character at a certain point of the game to become more powerful. There is also a Preemptive Strike mode where you can attack before the enemies see you.
  • A huge world to explore with an Overworld map for each chapter of the game, there will even be a maritime world map.
  • A Quest System to help the Kingdom’s people in exchange of gold or items. There will also be special missions to eliminate specific monsters.
  • A Skills Upgrade System to improve your magic or sword skills with the experience earned in battle.
  • During the game, you will also have to participate to the Chronos Trials, which are trials given by the Goddess to test the strength of the Oracles.

Platform: PC

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About Shishi Studios

Shishi Studios is an indie game studio based in Montreal, Canada. We are working on the Shishi Origins series, which are J-RPG games available on PC. Shishi Origins III is our first big game.

The Team

  • Frederic McNamara: Programmer/Game Designer/Character Designer, President/Co-Founder
  • Alexis Foisy: Game Artist/Animator/Creative Director, Co-Founder