Shishi Studios
Montreal, Canada

Founding date:

November 6th, 2017


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Shishi: Ballad of the Oracle

Upcoming game: Shishi : Ballad of the Oracle


Release Date : Q2 2020


Game Description

Shishi Studios presents their next game, Shishi : Ballad of the Oracle, an accessible single-player role-playing game with cute characters. In this game set in a fantasy world, you will have to travel across the kingdom and explore dungeons full of mysteries in search of magic artefacts needed to protect the world.

ExploreFight and Solve puzzles in a colorful world filled with cute creatures and dungeons with many secrets, all with an accessible gameplay for everyone.

After failing to save the world many times, an Oracle named Elia must regain self-confidence to save alternative timelines where there is still hope. With its dungeon exploration inspired by The Legend of Zelda and his turn-based battles reminiscent of the beginnings of Final Fantasy, the game takes the best of both to create a new genre of role-playing game.

Standing out by its accessibility, Shishi offers an open world that adapts to the player. Indeed, the different parts of the scenario do not need to be played in a specific order. The difficulty of fighting therefore varies according to two factors, the progression in the main quest and the player’s ability to face the enemies.


  • Explore dungeons full of secrets
  • Fight enemies in turn-based battles
  • Solve puzzles between alternate timelines
  • Accessible gameplay in a world that adapts to the player

Platform: PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One



About Shishi Studios

Shishi Studios is an indie game studio based in Montreal, Canada. We want to make a difference by creating ambitious games that innovate by experimenting new visual styles and new genres, while being accessible to everyone.

The Team

  • Frederic McNamara: Game Designer, Co-Founder
  • Alexis Foisy: 3D Artist, Co-Founder
  • Maude Martin-Carrier: 2D/3D Artist
  • Sam Mongeau: Music Composer/Sound Designer

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