Meet Elia

Once upon a time, in a verdant kingdom, there was a young mage named Elia. For several years, she has lived in a small house in the heart of the forest. In her peaceful haven, she can indulge in her favorite activities. Come meet her!

Elia's house
Elia’s house

Her home is her refuge. She spends a lot of time there reading a mysterious book, to which she is particularly attached. Her walks near the ruins also allow her to enjoy nature and learn about the past of these places. Sometimes a little onion annoys her so she has fun scaring him. Elia loves to catch good fishes for dinner and sometimes goes to look for vegetables in the village’s garden.

The ruins of the sanctuary
The ruins of the sanctuary

Her green hair isn’t the only difference between the young mage and the inhabitants of the realm. She has powerful power. By winking her right eye, Elia finds herself transported to an alternate universe. Some elements of this environment seem familiar to her, others not. This is because different historical events may have affected these alternate worlds. With a simple gesture, the mage can therefore travel from one timeline to another.

Elia's power allows her to travel between alternate timelines
Elia’s power allows her to travel between alternate timelines

Such great power does not come without responsibility. The kingdom is threatened. Young Elia must therefore find the fragments of a song to save all the people. To succeed, she will have to face monsters and travel between the different realities to progress and avoid traps related to the space in which she finds herself. Will you be able to help Elia in her quest?

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